Montana Hardcore 2 Spray Paint

Montana Hardcore 2 Spray Paint
Montana Spray Paint

Original Montana Hard Core Spray Paint made in Barcelona Spain since 1994. The highest quality aerosol paint on the world market today. The first aerosol paint company developed with close input and advice from experienced artists and manufactured with the artist in mind.

Hundreds of colors and the highest covering capabilities & opacity of any known spray paint. It's also durable, long lasting, weather resistant and suitable for all purposes and surfaces.

Standard tip which comes at point of purchase is the Banana Yellow Dot cap. It is a special cap with the ability to produce clean lines much like the NY Skinny and Universal Caps. The Hardcore valve will accept all caps.

The top four caps recommended are Banana Yellow Dot, NY Skinny, Pinkdot fat cap, as well as the Astro fat cap.

Note: Each Hardcore can will come with a Black/Yellow or Black/White Skinny Banana nozzle/cap.